Our Work towards the UN Goals

Good health and wellbeing

3.6: Reduce road injuries and deaths. Safety is A & O for First Cargo. We influence “our” hauliers to constantly review and remind about safety, working hours and sleep, to carry out checks, etc. In our offices, we have updated instructions in the event of a fire, and regularly carry out fire drills.

Gender equality

5.5 Ensure full participation of women in leadership and decision-making. We have an even gender distribution among the staff, and strive to have more women in management in the near future.

Sustainable energy for all

7.2 Increase the share of renewable energy in the world. We want to make an emission reduction in our value chain, right now. Since we cannot rely on Swedish high reduction diesel anymore since Jan 1st 2024, we have swithed to investing in Insets, a certified system for lowering the emissions at the oil well – in this case in Indonesia. This way, we get more reduction effect for the money – “more bang for the buck”. We also work together with our suppliers to ensure that they have Euro6 engines, use ferry transport when possible, load effectively, take the best route and practice ecodriving.

Decent working conditions and economic growth for all

8.6 Promote the employment, education and internship of young people. We promote workers’ rights and secure environment. At our Gothenburg office, we offer drivers washing and shower facilities, gym and relex area and kithenette. This might serve as inspiration for other actors. We also offer internships and overall strive to empower people in precarious employment.

Reduced inequalities

10.3 Ensure equal rights for all and eradicate discrimination. We encourage equal treatment and rights and influence where we can to eradicate discrimination. For example, we support several local projects in Gothenburg that aim to counteract unequal treatment and exclusion.

Climate action

13.3 Increasing knowledge and capacity to manage climate change. We realize our impact on the climate and global warming is indirect – emissions from longhaul road transports. For 2024, we have chosen to invest in emission reductions upstream in our value chain. We have influenced our property owners to install solar cells. The company cars (passenger cars) are all electric, so is our pool car for official business.

Peace, justice and strong institutions

16.5 Fighting corruption and briberies. Significantly reduce all forms of corruption and bribery. All forms of bribery and corruption are strictly prohibited at First Cargo. We work actively against smuggling with the help of the Swedish Customs Service, through information meetings with our stakeholders.

Partnerships for the goals

17.16 Strengthen the global partnership for sustainable development. Through our membership in GLA (Global Logistics Associates) not only gives us a collaboration network for collaboration around transport, but also gives us the opportunity to gain insight into other countries’ conditions and discuss how we can achieve more sustainable ways of working together for instance promoting greener techology.