Reducing Our Climate Impact

Reducing our impact. Now.

The atmosphere knows no national borders. If you reduce your own emissions or someone else’s, it makes no difference to the climate. The most important thing is additionality. That you’re doing something that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

We want to reduce our impact within our value chain. And that impact is in Scope 3. In order to get the most emission reduction for the investment, we have chosen emission reduction in upstream fuel production, certified by 3rd party actors and garanteed to omit emissions through new technology. This way, leaking greenhouse gases at oil wells are turned into electricity and energy for the oil rig, in this specific case in Indonesia. Before, the leaking gases were eighter burnt – Through flaring – or just left to merge into the atmosphere.

Since our long haul road transports cannot be converted to electricity or fully biodiesel right now, we have decided to invest in the global environment right now, instead of waiting for some future solution.