Our History

It all started with four friends…

It started with four friends – Johan Almén, Leif Johnson, Sven Algholm and Thomas Lindström. They all worked in partially different professional fields at a larger transport and forwarding company. All four of them independently wanted to change the transport industry. They wanted to be able to offer transport services in a more personal way.

With a firm focus on customer service along with building a loyal team and working closely with affiliate companies for the better.

At the turn of the millennium in 2000, these friends decided to take the plunge. They saw that a lot of things were missing in the transport industry and realized that the only way to get transports the way they wanted was to start their own business.

First Cargo AB saw the light of day in borrowed premises on Hisingen in Gothenburg. Without any direct marketing, we got started, and since then everything has, literally, been rolling at a rapid pace. Most customers, suppliers and agents have accompanied First Cargo on our journey.

Driver-based transports between Sweden and the Iberian Peninsula was and remains an important base business in combination with advanced ad hoc solutions by road, sea and air with selected partners in many countries. It was reinforced by the membership of GLA (Global Logistics Associates) in 2008.

The business grew – in 2002 First Cargo Transitarios SA opened in Madrid. In 2010, we opened an office in Helsingborg, which later moved to Malmö in 2019. Today, we have over 25 employees, transport approx. 3,000 consignments per month and turnover close to 400 million SEK in the group.

A success story, yes! But it doesn’t (only) depend on luck! It has been hard work, sweat and swearing. All our stakeholders, employees and suppliers have supported us through thick and thin and helped us become a company where we are all very proud to be involved and contribute to reasonable conditions for everyone.

Our certifications ISO9001/14001 (starting in 2011) reinforce this. And in 2022, we became the first forwarding company in the world to be verified according to ISO26000, to structure our CSR work (Corporate Social Responsibility).

A transport with us provides added value for everyone, including suppliers and the environment.

To all our stakeholders, we want to say – thank you very much for your trust! We will manage it well.

/Thomas Lindström, CEO. Gothenburg in the autumn of 2023