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The work with social sustainability and inclusion is a task that requires collaboration between business, the public sector and civil society. First Cargo Sweden AB is a member of the West Sweden Chamber of Commerce and supports their project in the vulnerable area of Biskopsgården in Gothenburg. The goal is for the business community to come together and create positive social change. More and more companies are joining the initiative, and together we can make a big difference.

By working with several aspects of children and young people’s everyday lives, we want to bring about long-term change. Children should be able to feel secure in the fact that mom and/or dad go to work and take responsibility for the family’s finances, while at school you must be given the conditions to feel satisfied and secure. Part of it can be study support, breakfasts before the school day and leisure activities after the school day.

HK, Christoffer Sundén“Take, for example, sports activities,” says Christoffer Sundén, project manager for the initiative at the Chamber of Commerce. “For the first few years, it’s free for the children. But when they reach about the age of 12, the activities start to cost money, and then you also see that many people quit. This is very unfortunate, because it is often at the same age that many young people end up in criminal networks. Together with the local schools and sports halls, etc., we find solutions in the project to allow the young people to continue with their sports, without the families suffering financially.”

“A lot of people want to do something, no one can do everything. That’s where our problem formulation began when business actors one by one contacted us and wanted to know what could be done to work against insecurity and for inclusion in our society.”

“We wanted to know how the business community can actually help, so we took it upon ourselves to gather and lead projects that contribute to creating a better city for more people,” says Christoffer.

“This has led to us now working with, among others, the police, the City of Gothenburg, committed companies, associations and trade unions.”

One of the involved companies is First Cargo AB. We are happy and proud to be part of this important work.


  • 100 new jobs for individuals who are far from the labor market, with a focus on young adults and parents.
  • Implement Mathivation in all upper secondary schools in Biskopsgården to inspire students to get involved in mathematics and programming.
  • 100 trained leaders and 5 associations that have undergone operational training, so that associations will have an increased commitment and higher number of participants.
  • New meeting places are to be set up in the form of an annual food festival and Saturday activities in Sjumilahallen.
  • Increase the perceived security among the residents of Biskopsgården and possibly other places where the initiative is active.


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“Another security factor is to meet your neighbours, and others who live and work in the same area. It’s always easier to get involved if there are more than one person. As part of this, on September 10, together with Bo Bra i Biskopsgården and Göteborg & Co, we organized a food festival that was visited by over 4000 people. Events like these are important for residents to feel that something is happening in their area that has positive overtones, and that attracts residents from other parts of the city to come for a temporary visit” says Christoffer.

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