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For a few months this spring, we had the opportunity to have a trainee with us at the Göteborg office. Sebastien Johansson studies logistics at Yrgo and wanted some hands-on practice in transport planning. He also has knowledge in programming, and was therefore tasked with developing our new page with information on driving bans. 

This is what Sebastien himself says about his internship with us: “I study logistics and transport planning at Yrgo and have done my first LIA at First Cargo. It has been a lot to learn and very interesting to see how the work with transport is done in reality. What especially felt new and surprising to me was the collaboration with different forwarding companies The different forwarding companies that can be seen as competitors also become partners in a large transport network with many different steps. At First Cargo, they also work with transport planning where a lot of flexibility is required in the planning. That there are many different rules that must be taken into account when a transport is made. Rest time, driving bans, dangerous goods, sensitive goods that should preferably not be transhipped, etc. Having good customer contacts is really important and that it is a fresh product. Also maintaining good quality and reliability keeps customers coming back. It’s fun to do an internship at a “nice” company that tries to make sure there are good conditions for the drivers. Also that there is work with the environment in mind. I would like to thank all colleagues during this period for being helpful and supportive. I also want to thank my supervisor Helen who gave me the opportunity to work independently and the opportunity for me to be involved in designing a project.”

We are very grateful for the help we received from Sebastien and wish him the best of luck in his further studies and career!

To offer trainee practice is part of First Cargo’s sustainability program. At least once a year we welcome trainees, in Göteborg or Malmö. For more info, contact