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On February 21st 2023, we celebrate Fat Day in Sweden, and eat semla. And at First Cargo, we will feast on semla rolls that JTW Transport bring along – yummie!

About 50 million of these rolls are consumed during the season in Sweden, about 6 million on Fat Tuesday! Most are made from wheat buns, whipped cream and almond pulp. A “hot wall” is a semla roll in hot milk.

Fat Tuesday (Fasting Day) has been celebrated since the Middle Ages, and used to be the last chance to eat before the 40-day fast.

Fat Tuesday traditions in other countries:

In Norway and Denmark, semla rolls with jam and vanilla cream are preferred.
In Finland, it is preferred to say fastlag bunle, because semla means roll there…
Southern Germany and Austria celebrate Faschingsdienstag with carnival and partying, and eat faschingskrapfen – buns filled with apricot jam. In Lithuania, they eat Užgavėnės (pancakes) or spurgos (doughnuts). In France, the day is called Mardi Gras (which also means “Fat Tuesday”). In Great Britain the day is called Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day, when you eat pancakes for dinner.

Adolf Fredrik

It is said that the Swedish king Adolf Fredrik died in 1771,
due to overeating 14 semla-rolls in hot milk.
However, this is not the case – he died from stroke.

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