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Nattvandrarna webb

At First Cargo, we support several projects in Gothenburg to help vulnerable people and contribute to the local community, in line with our sustainability goals. This time we tell you a little more about one of these – the Night Walkers.

Nattvandrarna Sweden was founded in 1989 and is the oldest organization in the country with the aim of night walking, creating security in society and acting as adult role models for young people. The support given to the Night Walkers, in the form of sponsorship, goes to those who walk at night in the well-known yellow jackets.

Nattvandrarna Sverige is a non-profit, democratically structured organization with local groups and associations. The purpose and goal of night walking is that there should be adult role models, humane support and social security among young people who move outside in the evenings and nights. Adults are needed who care, listen and see the youth, who can create boundaries and provide support and help when needed. The presence of night walkers prevents crime such as vandalism, violence and drug abuse. We work to create trust and build equal relationships.

All night walkers wear the recognizable yellow jacket that has become an established symbol of safety for youth and young adults. The night walkers are out in the evenings and nights on Fridays and Saturdays as well as on festivals and high-risk weekends.

Nattvandrarna webb